The PTAD Youth Pledge Program is a substance abuse prevention awareness program created to increase awareness of the dangers of substance abuse and unhealthy decision-making in the community’s youth. This program consists of a brief 10-20 minute presentation to each individual 6th grade classroom in all 3 Pembroke public elementary schools. The presentation was conducted by Pembroke Police Officer Steven Kirby, School Nurse Cindy Wengryn, and 3 volunteer High School Students involved in SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) or another positive activity/group. The presentation focuses on the dangers of substance abuse, how to say no in dangerous situations and to peer pressure, and how to lead a positive, healthy life. At the conclusion of the presentation, students are presented with a PTAD Youth Pledge T-shirt and a Pledge Card. The students are then encouraged to take the pledge card home to think about what they have learned and decide whether or not they would like to make this promise. If they decide to make this promise to lead a healthy, substance free life, they will sign their pledge card and keep it with them as a reminder of the pledge they took. The pledge card will read:


I pledge to lead a drug-free life

I want to be healthy and happy

I will say no to alcohol

I will say no to tobacco

I will say no to illegal drugs

I will say no to any prescription medication that is not mine

I will help my friends say no

I pledge to stand up for what I know is right!

Thank you to our amazing schools, police force, sponsors, dedicated volunteers, and the incredible students who made it all happen!

2016 pledge team    039